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      Nana Gym 提供整潔舒適的環境及全女教練,運用小班教學達致半私人模式,課堂混合搏擊及塑身訓練,提供最貼身及貼心的指導,所以一直深受女士歡迎。

      我們了解女性體質的特性、對舒適氣氛和訓練環境的要求,Nana Gym 引入 Body Composition Analyzer (身體肌脂分析儀) 等設備,務求協助每位女性學員打破沉悶框框,發掘運動新樂趣!
      搏擊課程更由世界級泰拳銅牌得主及兩屆香港女拳王 Nana 曾海蘭教授。
      As Hong Kong's only Women's Fitness & Combat Centre, Nana Gym provides a clean and comfortable environment as well as state of the art facilties.     
      Our semi-private lessons involve different training programmes specifically adjusted to cater for your current fitness level. Taught by our female instructors, the lessons have proven to be a great success and are well received by clients.
      We also offer mixed wrestling and combat training for those wanting to take it to the next level. These sessions are instructed by Nana Tsang, the world female Muay Thai championship (Bronze). 
      We understand the characteristics of the female physique, and that a good atmosphere and environmentis vital to the effectivness of exercise. To ensure this, Nana Gym has invested in a number of advanced devices, including an infrared sauna and Body Composition Analyzer.


Nana, Tsang Hoi Lan

      年資由 Experience Since:2006

      WUnique Vic-Head Coach (副總教練)
      Nana Gym Head Coach ( 總教練 )
      銜頭 Title:
      2019  第十五屆世界武術(散手)錦標賽 60kg 銀牌
      2019 15th The World Wushu(Sanshou) Championships 60kg Silver
      Shoot Boxing Association 官方認可教練及裁判拳證 
      Shoot Boxing Association Official Instructor & Referee
      中國香港綜合搏擊運動總會MCSF 裁判拳證及搏擊隊教練
      China HK Mixed Combat Sports Federation Referee & Fight Team Trainer
      香港武術聯會 武術散手教練
      HK Wushu Union Wushu Sanda Instructor
      Qualified Suspension Trainer (TRX)
      主要往續 Main Fight Record:
      2019  第十五屆世界武術(散手)錦標賽 60kg 銀牌
      2019 15th The World Wushu(Sanshou) Championships 60kg Silver
      2019 中國武術(散手)香港盃公開賽 60kg 冠軍
      2019 Hong Kong WuShu (Sanshou) Championships 
      2016 第六屆TAFISA國際運動會泰拳項目 60kg 銀牌
      2016 The 6th TAFISA Games Muay Sport Event 60kg Silver
      2016 第八屆世界杯武術散手比賽 56kg 銅牌
      2016 The 8th Wushu Sanda World Cup Bronze
      2015 IFMA 世界業餘泰拳錦標賽 54kg 銅牌
      2015 IFMA Royal World Cup 54kg Bronze
      2014 & 2015 香港泰拳冠軍爭奪戰 54kg 女拳王 
      2014 & 2015 Hong Kong Muay Thai Championships
      2013-16 中國武術(散手)香港盃公開賽 56kg 冠軍
      2013-16 Hong Kong WuShu (Sanshou) Championships 
      2010-13 香港 Energy Fight 綜合搏擊冠軍
      2010-13 Hong Kong Energy Fight Championships



      Focus in Boxing Combat  skills, the punching and kicking strikes improve your cardiovascular capcity, sparks your metabolism and hence increases fat burn. You will feel slight and young. This class is the best choice for those who want to keep fit in a very time-efficient way.             


      It includes more relaxation for the mind. Also, it could train up our core muscles of the abdomen, flexibility as well as body strength and balance. Emphasis on slow shifting and slow living with mild tempo.            


Fitness / Firming

      Our training in muscular endurance and core muscle can strengthen body stability, agility and mobility. We aim to help our ladies work out the different muscle groups and increase muscle strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It is an effective and scientific way to burn fat, sculpt your body and look amazing.             



      Our most popular course that is ideal for women who want to shape up fast. With a combination of basic combat techniques and fast calorie-burning exercises designed to target common “trouble” areas, this course has proved to be one of the most effective ways to help you get rid of that unwanted fat in the shortest possible time.

Shoot Boxing Kids

      A class attended via selection of fun and challenging trainings and games, designed not only to enhance the younger generations" fitness but also to stimulate kids contribution and dedication towards sport since youth. 


Self Defense

      You could learn numerous defensive skills while training, and you could protect yourself anytime and anywhere.



      空中瑜伽班由專業瑜伽導師親自教授,包括正反面蝴蝶式(Butterfly)、Eros Archery、排毒瑜伽 (Detox)等各種動作,以改善髖關節柔軟度、鍛鍊身體平衡及肌耐力、同時喚醒身體排毒功能幫助排出體內代謝物。空中瑜伽特別適合硬筋骨及長期忍受腰椎脊骨的人士,擺脫柔軟度不足、傷患問題,以及有效幫助消減水腫。
套票政策 Package Policy

1) 所有套票於任何情況下都不設延期、退款及轉讓,請學員購票優惠前考慮清楚,敬希垂註。
2) 購買的新套票均須於1個月內開始第一堂,否則系統亦會於1個月限期內啟用。
3) 課堂必須至少於24小時前預約或取消。如已預約而未能出席,系統將作缺席論並不獲補堂;已預約之課堂請於課堂開始前最少24小時取消,否則系統將未能作出取消。
4) 請參閱本中心網頁有關最新之時間表及收費表。(
5) 如套票到期日前仍有剩餘課堂,學員需於到期日前購買新套票安排「帶堂」,否則系統將會自動註銷。
6) 套票必須於課程到期日前購買新的套票以安排「帶堂」,系統亦只能為最近的一個舊有套票「帶堂」,而新套票的開始日期亦必須與舊套票的到期日銜接。
7) 如學員有舊有套票,系統會先行扣除舊套票,待舊套票內的堂完結,系統會自動扣除新套票。除非該堂不屬於舊有套票之限制,系統才會自動在新套票扣除。
8) 如需upgrade套票,可於開堂後第2堂前或無限堂的截數日upgrade,亦只能由最新的套票起upgrade。
9) 持有任何有效套票之學員於套票規限以外的時段上堂,學員需額外補回每堂$280差額。
10) 請學員自備拳套、腳Pad、手帶及護腳踝,如需租借公家用品請必須使用衛生手襪。
11) 如因惡劣天氣影響而取消之所有特色套票之課堂將不予補堂。
12) 如超過3次忘記帶會員證之學員作遺失會員卡處理,需繳付$50補領手續費。

S1) 一個開心Share套票,只能有一個個人account帶堂,其他account不能安排「帶堂」。 
S2) 同一班朋友組合購買新的開心Share套票才可安排「帶堂」。 
S3) 開心Share套票成員組合一經加入即不能更改及退出。 
S4) 開心Share套票以上一堂扣一堂的形式記錄堂數,由於翻查紀錄相當複雜費時,故此請與開心Share套票內的成員自行溝通,本中心不會介入及調解,敬請見諒。   

B1) 必須於至少一星期之前申請; 
B2) 以30日為一個單位,最長為12個月,視乎學員需求去決定凍結時間; 
B3) 凍結會籍服務費用為每個單位HK$500。  


Nana Gym保留一切修訂有關條款及細則之權利並無須另行通知。如有任何爭議,Nana Gym保留最終決定權。

Package Policy:

1) All packages constitute no extension period, non refundable and are non transferable. Please acknowledge and consider seriously prior purchasing.

2) All new package is required to begin within one month of purchase, otherwise the package will be automatically activated based on the 30th days of purchased. 

3) Classes must be booked or cancelled at least 24 hours prior the class begin via the online system, direct call or WhatsApp us accordingly. In event of no-show or late cancellation to a booked class (i.e. within 24 hours prior the class begins), the system will count such as absence, no make up class will be arranged.

4) Please refer to our  website for updated Timetables & Course Fees (

5) If you want to carryover the remain lesson(s), please purchase a new package before the expiry date. However, the remain lesson(s) will be waived.

6) Members must purchase a new package before the due date of the original package to carryover and the start date of the new package must also be linked with the original package. Only the latest existing package can be carried over.

7)  If members hold an existing package, unless the members attend a lesson which is not covered by the existing package, the computer system will automatically deduct attended lessons from the existing package before the start of the new package.

8) If you want to upgrade the existing package, please make it before the 2nd lesson or before the cutoff date of unlimited package.

9) $280 for take lesson in the existing package not covered/included.

10) For the Boxing Class: Suggest to bring your inner gloves, boxing gloves, shinpads, handwraps & ankle guards. Or you can rent the clean Inner Gloves, Boxing Gloves & Shinpads with a fee of $30.

11) No make-up class will be arranged due to BAD weather (such as, and not limited to, Black Rain Storm or Typhoon). 

12) Members are required to produce their assigned Member Card before each lesson for registration. Failing to procedure the member card 3 times during the course, will be treated as Lost Card and a replacement card will be issued with a fee of HK$50. 

Happy Share Package Additional Terms:
S1) Carryover of lessons can only be arranged to the personal account of one of the members in the group.  It is not applicable to other members in the group.

S2) Carryover can only be arranged if the members of the new Happy Share Package are the same as the existing Happy Share Package.

S3) The members of Happy Share Package cannot be amended or cancelled.

S4) Members of the Happy Share Package shall count their lessons among themselves.  Please kindly communicate with the group members regarding the allocation of lessons and record of attendance.  WUnique & Bomber Gym is not in a position and will not intervene.

Membership-Interim Suspension Policy:
B1) Application must be made at least 1 week notice in advance;

B2) Each Suspension unit is equivalent to 30-days period. All members can decide the no. of units they wish to apply according to their needs for their current purchased package. The maximum suspension units are limited to 12 units (i.e. 12 months period);

B3) Each Suspension unit will be charged at HK$500 per month.

In exception to the following conditions:
*Fee will be waived if a female member is pregnant. The existing package may be frozen up to 2 years from the date the provision of the relevant and valid proof/doctor certificate. 

Nana Gym reserves the right to make any amendment of the Terms and Conditions without notice. All decisions made by Nana Gym shall be final and binding.

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      Tel: 852-2656 3133  
      19/F, 83 Wan Chai Road, HK